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Incident management and legal documentation

Improve operational performance

CNS-Solutions & Support GmbH is a 100% subsidiary of Frequentis AG and was founded in 2004. Our solutions efficiently support our customers to plan events, prevent service interruptions, analyse situations and restore normal operation. A thorough documentation of all activities, information exchange and communication helps our customers to proof a responsible and reliable operational service.

We design, develop and deliver

  • process-supporting software, which integrate a variety of information sources including video feeds, sensor data, for the use in operation- and safety-critical environments such as transportation and airports
  • control center and mobile solutions

Consulting, development, project, and support servcies

Take advantage of our experience

As a lean, flexible company, embedded in a worldwide-reaching company group, we guarantee our customer’s investment security.

We can transfer our experiences from one domain into other domains in an innovative and valuable way.

We master complex technologies and can successfully implement these in relevant projects.

We commit to work with our customers until they have achieved their desired goals.

We integrate seamlessly with our customers’ existing sensor-, data- and communication-infrastructure, based on common industry standards.

We provide a mature and highly reliable documentation system for legal purposes.

Our standard software components ensure an efficient, customer-tailored implementation at minimal risk.

We can provide our solutions as reliable Software as a Service (SaaS).

Solutions from CNS successfully expand the service portfolio of safety-critical applications

for civil and military aviation, public safety, public transport and maritime business areas.


" We cannot predict the future, but we can shape it.
Peter Drucker

Stefan Ringsmuth

Stefan Ringsmuth

Managing Director

Joined the Frequentis group in 2007

Assistent to the owner and CEO of Frequentis

Several finance positions within the group (Germany, Shanghai)