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ICM - Incident & Crisis Management

ICM, incident & crisis management is a solution suite which addresses the civilian market as well as the defence.

Based on standardised software modules, the software solution can be used to process and resolve incidents or deviations from normal operation. The use cases ranging from handling prevention measures, operational daily events to emergencies up to disaster management.

With the ICM solution suite we are able to bring highly developed features from one business domain to another so that our customers can profit from each. This offers appropriate and dedicated solutions for aviation, defence, maritime and public transport domains.


Rail Event Management

Our solution based on REM deal with ICM (incident and crisis management) in the railway sector. They enable railway infrastructure companies to deal with the collection, processing and logging of emergencies and disruptions. The goal is to restore normal operations as quickly as possible.
An essential capability within the solution is the ability to identify and contact the responsible internal and external parties, based on the location in the track network, as well as the time of an incident. The solution is integrated into the customer system landscape via several communication and data interfaces. See also Railway Incident Management.






National Air Policing / SAR – Search & Rescue

National Air Policing / SAR – Search & Rescue

The solutions in these areas are characterised by the core situational awareness display, used to coordinate cross-agency collaboration during emergencies. In a high performance interactive GIS (geographic information system), static and moving data layers (real time air traffic, maps, infrastructure, weather, radar data, aviation sectors and routes, etc.) can be displayed to create a comprehensive overview of the situation.

The most important capabilities are recording, processing and logging of emergencies, as well as establishing situation-relevant communication channels. See also Situational Awareness Solution.

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